Improvement through Innovation

Match and Pay (MAP) Technologies

Fully automated order/invoice “Match and Pay”

PCCL’s Match and Pay applications are unique web-based services designed to enable organisations to automatically match high volumes of invoices to purchase orders.

The service has been designed to transform the speed and efficiency of the payment process, eliminating the need to handle large volumes of paper invoices manually.

eSolutions Management Information Tool

Manage card transactions more efficiently

eSolutions is a comprehensive management information system designed to enable Visa Purchasing Card users to manage all their card transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Payment Bureau Services

A better way to handle payments.

PCCL’s Bureau Services is a web-based service which co-ordinates and streamlines the purchasing and payment process between sellers and buyers. The net result is reduced account administration costs for both buyer and seller, increased controls through immediate reporting and line item detail (LID) data, and improved cash flow.

Sellers are paid promptly while buyers can secure beneficial bank repayment terms.

Purchasing Card Consultancy Services

Evaluate the benefits of a Visa Card Programme

We have developed unique benchmarking and assessment tools to help you fully evaluate the benefits that a Visa Purchasing Card programme would bring to your organisation

  • Significant cost savings
  • Minimal IT resource requirement
  • Prompt payment to your suppliers
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  • Eliminates keying of transactions
  • Increases visibility of transactions
  • Improves control over policies
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  • Reduced Admin Costs
  • Faster Payment
  • Improved Cash Flow
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With over 15 years of experience providing consultancy and software applications to some of the worlds most blue-chip organisations, PCCL are best placed to help you achieve the most from your e-procurement or purchasing card programme.
Our products and services have been specifically designed and built to offer you the maximum benefits but with the minimum requirements from your staff! Why not browse through our range of products and services to see if we can help you today ...