Improvement through Innovation

Consultancy Services

Evaluate the benefits of a Visa Card Programme

We have developed unique benchmarking and assessment tools to help you evaluate the benefits that a Visa Purchasing Card programme would bring to your organisation.


PCCL provide Visa Europe with a full range of consultancy services. Primarily, our focus is to promote the use of the UK Government Procurement card. There are over 1700 active GPC Visa programmes active in the UK with over 140,000 cards all within the public sector. The Consultancy services that PCCL provide under this contract include assessing and benchmarking current purchase to pay processes, designing improvement processes that incorporate GPC / Visa payments and designing cost allocation methods to maximise economic and efficiency gains. To date, over £1billion of GPC / Visa transactions have been processed, with over £860m in cumulative savings achieved since it’s first launch in 1997.

To other private or public sector organisations we make ourselves available to examine your existing procurement process and find ways in which we can help you to reduce costs and ensure your suppliers are paid in short order. We are also able to provide data-matching solutions tailored to your needs and are experts at automating the process of matching orders to invoices and submitting payments directly to your suppliers. Our experience in this area will help you meet the Government’s 10-day payment pledge.

We also provide bespoke software development, giving you something specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs – if you wish to find out more about our services and what we can do for you, please contact us.