Improvement through Innovation

eSolutions MI

Manage card transactions more efficiently

eSolutions is a comprehensive management information system designed to enable Visa purchasing Card users to manage all their card transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively.


Using eSolutions MI, Visa card programme managers have immediate online access to a rich set of features including:

  • Accounts integration
  • Automated default cost allocation
  • Ability to override with an alternative cost allocation
  • Ability to split purchases between different cost centres
  • Cardholder transaction review and reconciliation
  • Work flow transaction approval
  • Creation of standardised reports either online on in accordance to a schedule, including email delivery of reports to end users
  • Building of customised reports, specifying the details to be included

eSolutions MI is a service provided and supported by PCCL in association with Visa Europe. Since its launch in 2007, PCCL has worked closely with many public and private sector customers to ensure that the service provides the key functions they require to maximise their use and control over their Visa Purchasing and Corporate Card programmes.

PCCL is PCI DSS Level One compliant ensuring the highest possible security of all data.


Transaction Review and Approval

Transaction data is provided by issuers of Visa Purchasing or Visa Corporate on behalf of an organisation. This data can be imported into eSolutions MI daily, applying any coding rules specified by the organisation.

Cardholders can view their own transactions, allocate and code them as required. Supervisors can review the cardholder’s transactions and approve or query them. Once approved, the transactions can be exported to be posted to the organisation’s general ledger.

Transaction data held by eSolutions MI service can be transferred effortlessly into all major accounting systems.

Organisations can access up to four years of historical data for analytical reporting.

Cost Allocation

eSolutions MI can be configured to match each organisation’s costing structure. There is an allowance within the system to allocate transactions to as many as ten distinct levels of costing hierarchy and cross-hierarchy.

Transaction related supplier category codes can be directly mapped to each organisation’s account/general ledger and subjective cost codes.

Extensive reporting capabilities, including VAT evidence reports

eSolutions MI provides managers with instant online access to a standard suite of powerful and useful reports on card transaction spend.

For example, various transaction summaries can be prepared at the click of a button:

  • Spend by Vendor, showing the average spend per vendor and total number of transactions
  • Spend by Card, which shows card details, name, sum total and average spend
  • Spend by Division, with sum total spend, number and average spend of transactions
  • Spend by Department, with sum total spend, number and average spend of transactions
  • Spend by Cost Centre,¬†with sum total spend, number and average spend of transactions
  • Spend by Job Number,¬†with sum total spend, number and average spend of transactions
  • VAT Capable Suppliers, showing suppliers who identify the VAT element in the transactions
  • Cardholders with No Spend, showing cardholders who have not used their cards during the selected date range

It is equally easy for managers using eSolutions to create their own reports containing only the information they require. They simply select the information they want from a large choice of fields. There is even the opportunity to drill down deeper into such reports to select more detailed information where it has been provided by the supplier.

Both customised and standard reports can be scheduled for sending out automatically at given times and dates to those requiring the latest information.