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Fully automated order/invoice
‚ÄúMatch and Pay‚ÄĚ

PCCL's Match and Pay (MAP) system is a unique automated order/invoice matching system with vastly improved speed, quality control and accuracy compared to other systems that are partly or fully based on paper invoicing.


MAP is designed specifically to handle high volumes of invoices from preferred suppliers who provide a range of goods and services requisitioned by purchase orders.

The MAP system integrates the purchase order data provided by the client with suppliers electronic invoice data upload into the MAP system and matches and compares selected key fields.

MAP systems can be configured to carry out 2 or 3 way matching, and tolerances can be built-in to provide clients with maximum flexibility and control.

Suppliers are immediately notified of the status of all the invoices that have been uploaded into the MAP system giving them much improved payment information and vastly reducing time spent by AP staff dealing with queries.

Whats New

PCCL are pleased to announce that MAP now supports more file types than ever before. By looking at the majority of file formats used by the major invoicing and financial systems, PCCL have insured that making use of the power of MAP can be as simple and painless a process as possible.

Our unique and carefully designed import and export technologies are at the core of this functionality, and ensure that MAP is readily available regardless of the other systems your organisation is already making use of.


The PCCL MAP system requires the minimal amount of setting up, linking seamlessly into all eProcurement and ERP systems, and is designed to enhance their capabilities.

Just some of the key benefits from using PCCL MAP systems are:-

  • Dramatically reduces the time and resource required to carry out invoice reconciliation
  • Provides quality control, improved workflows and a readily accessible audit trail
  • Purchasing managers can readily monitor suppliers’ ability to invoice correctly
  • Ensures Suppliers are notified promptly of invoice status, reducing AP queries
  • Allows prompt payment to be made to take up settlement discounts


PCCL have been providing order-invoice matching solutions to both public and private sector organisations for many years and across a wide range of goods and services.

One of the most successful matching solutions to date has been the matching of domiciliary care invoices previously manually matched by AP staff at Kent County Council.

Payment to suppliers for correctly matched invoices is made using an embedded Visa Purchasing Card issued by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Download the RBS Case Study of this matching system to learn more.