Improvement through Innovation

Payment Bureau Services

A better way to handle payments.

PCCL's Bureau Service is designed to support sellers in processing Visa Purchasing Card transactions. It streamlines and improves the purchase to pay process for both them, and their customers.


Distributors and wholesalers who sell to many buyers spend substantial time and resources sending out invoices, checking on them and pursuing payments. The costs and and potential for slow down and seizure of the system increase as accounts receivable attempts to collect on large volumes of low value invoices, many to repeat buyers.

This will be a familiar story to distributors and wholesalers for example involved in selling:

  • General household or grocery goods to local retailers
  • Medical or Pharmaceutical supplies to to local chemists or pharmacies
  • Food and /or drink supplies to cafes, bars or restaurants
  • Motor parts and components to mechanics or garages

PCCL, in association with Visa Europe, has designed a unique electronic solution to ensure rapid payment, full reporting, easy administration and a means of reducing both costs and resources. It will also help to forge close working relationships between sellers and buyers which will benefit all of the businesses involved. PCCL has pioneered the development of many improved services and processes using in the card payment industry today.


The Bureau service works at the interface between sellers’ invoicing and accounts receivables and the sellers’ payment process by automating the conversion of invoices into Visa Purchasing Card transactions which are then charged against the buyers card accounts.

After dispatching goods to a buyer, the seller sends sales invoice data to the bureau which is then matched against the buyers’ virtual Visa Purchasing Card which is embedded in the bureau. The sellers’ invoices are then converted into Visa Purchasing Card VAT accredited transactions with LID (Line Item Detail) invoice detail and charged against buyers’ Visa Purchasing cards. In this way the seller receives funds into their account via the Visa network within two to four days of authorisation of payment through the card.

Finally, the bank collects payment from the buyers following the issue of the statement. by converting invoices to card data in the bureau, the payment and collection responsibility is transferred from the buyer and seller to the bank. Both the buyer and seller have access to up-to-date information about payments and sales for accounting purposes. And buyers can use the LID data as VAT evidence.

Sellers can also opt to offer eSolutions Mi services to their buyers. eSolutions is a comprehensive online management information tool and expense management solution for  Visa Purchasing and Corporate card programmes. Buyers will be able to access up to the minute management information reports on their card usage with the seller.